Preserving Gooseberries

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 Preserving Gooseberries

Drying Gooseberry

Gooseberries selected for drying should be fully ripe. Not over ripe and not under ripe.

Remove any berries that have signs of damage or are malformed, you can use them fresh - but for drying you should have only the best unblemished ripe berries.

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Dried Amla - Indian Gooseberry Candy

In India there is a variety of Gooseberry known as an "Amla". There is a tasty Candy made from Dried Amla aka Dried Gooseberry which is a popular treat in India. As with any time tested confections, there are many variations here are links to a few.

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Kid Friendly Amla Candy

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Pickled Gooseberry

Green gooseberries are best suited for pickling. They tend to be firmer and tarter, red variations are better suited for preserves such as Gooseberry Jam and other sweet treats.

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Gooseberry Pickle-Nellikai Urugai

Red Gooseberries are sweeter than their green cousins. They are suitable for a number of sweet treats including jam and jelly. Green gooseberry can also be used for Jam.

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Another favorite gooseberry treat of mine is Gooseberry Ice Cream which is a tantalizing variation from the same old boring Chocolate, Vanilla, Rocky Road flavors.

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