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There are a multitude of grape varieties from which to choose. Some grape varieties are better as table grapes, others grape varieties are best suited for wine or jelly making. Naturally, you should only select grape varieties known to grow well in your area.

Variety Relative
White Varieties
Aurore Tender V. Early Wine or Table grapes
Delaware Tender-Mod Late

Used for fine-quality white wines ,

 is often used in blends for

American champagnes.

Susceptible to downy mildew

Edelweiss Tender-Mod Early-Mid Table grapes or Wine
Elvira Mod Hardy Early-Mid Table grapes or Wine
Esprit Tender-Mod Late Wine
Himrod Tender Early

Hardy, vigorous, and productive


Kay Gray Hardy Early Table grapes or Wine
La Crosse Tender-Mod Early-Mid Wine
Niagra Hardy Mid

Most widely planted

white American grape

Seneca Moderate Early

susceptible to black rot

and mildew.

Vine vigor and productivity

are moderate

Seyval Tender Mid-Late Wine
St. Pepin Tender-Mod Early-Mid Wine or Jelly
Vignoles Tender Mid-Late Wine
Red Varieties
Canadice Tender Early-Mid best for Table grapes
Swenson Red Tender-Mod Mid  
Blue/Purple Varieties
Beta V. Hardy Mid best for Jelly
Bluebell Mod Hardy Early-Mid Table grapes or Jelly
Concord Tender-Mod Late

Fruit ripens unevenly some

seasons in warm climates. vines are

vigorous and productive

De Chaunac Tender Mid-Late best for Wine
Foch Tender-Mod Early Wine
Fredonia Tender-Mod Mid Table grapes or Jelly
Millot Tender Early Wine
St. Croix Hardy Mid Wine
Steuben   Late  
Valiant Hardy Early Table grapes or Jelly
Van Buren Tender-Mod Early Table grapes or Jelly
Vanessa Tender Mid Table grapes / Seedless
Worden Mod Hardy Early-Mid Table grapes or Jelly

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