Red Maxima Grapes

Giant Grape Variety

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Red Maxima also known as Red Globe grapes are a rarity in North Amerca. Although they are commonly grown here, they are generally exported to Asia where they fetch a higher price. They are seeded with a firm flesh and other than their gigundous size are not much different in taste and texture than standard sized table grapes.

They work best as a table grape but can also be used for preserves and even wine. Each grape has the potential to be about the size of a plum. When dried they look like a Prune but taste like a raisin, a really big raisin.

It grows and produces best in warmer regions with lengthy growing seasons, in milder climates it is best grown in indoor greenhouse settings.

Red Maxima Grapes

All grapes are loaded with nutrients tartaric acid, malic acids, fumaric, glyceric,and numerous trace elements, the skins contain lycopene and beta carotene. They are chock full of anti-oxidants which hunt down and destroy harmful free radicals in the body.

Growing even a small grape vineyard requires a long-term commitment. Most varieties require several seasons from the initial planting to pproduce a successfull crop, and generally will not reach full production for up to 5 years. Once Grape vines flourish however, they can survive for up to a century, provided they are properly cared for. Hope you don't plan on dieing in the next 100 years or so, because your grape vines are gonna need you !