Grow Room and Hydroponic Ventilation: What You Need to Know

Ventilation, Humidity Control, and CO2

In small, enclosed area such as closets and home made grow rooms , a small household fan should meet your criteria. In large areas, open rooms and especially basements , an industrial-strength fan or array of fans will be to provide adequate ventilation. Significantly larger areas require a larger array or two or more industrial fans.

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

CO2 / Carbon dioxide, is essential for all plants. To ensure there is adequate CO2 for your plants, you’ll need to have an outside source of air coming into the grow room. This can usually be done with adequate ventilation, however in some cases where this cannot be done, you may need to purchase a CO2 generator.

CO2 generators can enrich a room’s CO2 supply from the normal level of 300 to 600 parts per million {ppm} up to as high as 2000 parts per million. This can increase growth rates in plants by as much as 200 percent. CO2 generators generally run on propane or natural gas.

Another way to increase the CO2 content in your growing area is with bottled CO2. The gas is released from the bottle via a special valve. It is best to do this from the ceiling of the room, since CO2 is heavier than air and will fall to the ground (hopefully washing over plants on its way down).

Bottled CO2 doesn’t produce heat, but it is not a labor-intensive process such as running a gas or propane-powered CO2 generator.

There are also some relatively simple do it yourself methods of enhancing your grow rooms carbon dioxide levels. See Do it Yourself C02 generators

Humidity Control in a C02 enriched environment.

Humidity is the water vapor present in the air. You can measure and regulate humidity with psychrometers and hygrometers .

Optimal humidity levels should be in the range of 45-75% when your grow lights are on which can be measured with a hygrometer. Now the warmer the air, the more water retention, hence humidity levels will easily climb beyond the recommended 45-75%.

High humidity coupled with lower nighttime temperatures will cause condensation to form on foliage making your hydroponic system susceptible to various fungus problems. Inadequate ventilation is the primary cause of most fungal diseases.

CO2 Boosters

CO2 Boosters are a safe, easy way to add CO2 to your growing area. CO2 Boost will enrich your CO2 level for approximately 60 days without heavy tanks. Completely natural, organic and odorless. Simply plug the included air pump into your 15 minute timer, and run it during the lights on period.

If your growroom is properly sealed, you can achieve optimum growing levels at 1200-1500ppms in areas up to 10 x 10 x 10 feet. If your growing area is larger , multiple buckets can be used. The manufacturer guarantees CO2 output for 60 days if used constantly. If you coordinate it with a timer to coincide with your lights on/lights off phase, it could last considerably longer. Once your bucket has expired the remaining ingredients can be used as high grade fertilizer in outdoor/soil gardens.

Excellofizz  is for the grower who has been considering the use of CO2 but has been hesitating due to the high cost factor, or for growers in a small area. Excellofizz is best suited for the smaller indoor grower. It allows a simple and economical way of providing accurate CO2 to your plants with no equipment needed for dispensing or monitoring, especially in situations where ventilation is limited. It emits the proper CO2 levels for indoor plants by reacting and giving off pure CO2 gas and also absorbing oxygen from the air.