Horseradish Infused Vinegar

Herbal vinegar From Horseradish

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Herbal vinegar's can be fashioned into attractive and useful kitchen decor. They look just swell stored on counter tops and cupboards when properly bottled. They make a tasty vinaigrette for salads , marinades for meats, sauces, sushi and so forth. Any recipe that calls for vinegar can be complimented with the correct herbal vinegar.


1/2 cup of grated Horseradish root

Apple Cider OR Wine Vinegar. This recipe does not lend itself well to distilled white vinegar.

Optional Add Ins

Garlic - Don't get carried away or it could commandeer the batch, just a clove diced or crushed will suffice.

Chives, pepper corns, mustard seed, use your imagination but just as with the garlic don't let the add ins dominate. The idea is to meld the flavor of the horseradish into the vinegar.


Peel then grate the Horseradish. A cheese grater works dandy for this task. You could also dice and slice the Horseradish root and process in a food processor / blender.

Place the grated horseradish and whatever add ins you choose into a suitable sized jar that can be sealed. The horseradish should only occupy about 1/4 to 1/3 of the containers volume.

Heat the vinegar - its not necessary that you boil it, just get it warm like a cup of tea or coffee and pour it over the horseradish.

Seal the jar tightly and shake vigourously. Place it on a windowsill or a warm sunny location for a few weeks giving it a healthy shaking on daily basis.

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