Rabbage – Cross Between Cabbage and Radish

Rabbage is a cross between two unrelated plants, Cabbage and Radish, Actually it was once thought next to impossible to breed two plants that were unrelated but modern science found a way. Technically they are not GMOs but they teter on the fence between hybrid and Genetically Modified Organism [GMO]. They are known as ‘intergeneric hybrids’ scientists were able to cross the two species, which theoretically can’t really happen in nature. The Laboratory breeding was possible only because they had the same number of chromosomes and corresponding gamettes – laddy dee dah.

Several resulting hybrids fall into a radical class of vegetables known as radicoles, yes they are radical radicoles. The Rabbage is the most common.

Rabbage is similar to cabbage. It has a peppery radish like bite and a unique bi color tinge of cabbage green and purplish red – the purplish aspect being similar to Radicchio and the green like cabbage.

They can be used for anything you would use Cabbage for, I like to simply use the few I’ve grown in cole slaw and salads as they are suitable so far as texture and taste is concerned.