How to Store Carrots From Your Garden

I prefer to wash my carrots prior to storage by laying them out on the patio and simply hosing them down. After cleaning the carrots allow to air dry thoroughly by leaving them out in the sun and fresh air for a day.

Once the carrots are air dried cut the tops back about an inch and then place the carrots in zipper storage bags that have some small air holes in them. This will retain some moisture, but prevent excessive moisture buildup which can lead to mildew /fungus / rot.

If you have an extra refrigerator or room in you regular one, store the bags there, not a freezer. If not your basement or a cool place will suffice.

To be able to keep carrots for at least several months after harvest, they must be stored in a cold, moist atmosphere that will not allow them to freeze or decompose. The ideal temperature for carrots is between 32-40 degrees F.

Check the bags occasionally for excess moisture . If you notice too much water vapor in the bag, leave it open for several days.

To Freeze Carrots

To freeze carrots, peel and slice the carrots to a desirable size. Blanch in a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes then immediately plunge the carrots into frigid ice water for another 2-3 minutes to prevent them from turning soft. Drain and store in freezer bags. Freeze immediately.