How to Grow Raspberries in Containers

Potted Raspberries Raspberries Grown in Containers Raspberries are not commonly planted in containers, but they can and do grow well and produce bountiful berries when properly planted and cared for.  Suitable Containers Any container you choose should have ample drainage holes, Raspberries require good soil aeration and are very susceptible to root rots, so can … Read more

Self Watering Containers – sub-irrigated planters

It has been demonstrated that plants grow better in self-watering containers as opposed to traditional containers. In many cases, under proper care, they will also outperform vegetables grown in a traditional backyard garden. This is due in part to a principal known as “transpirational pull”. “Transpirational pull is the main phenomenon driving the flow of … Read more

Container Garden Ideas

Most plants will grow in a container, Some varieties fare better than others. Container gardening gives you the ability to transport your garden from place to place for optimal sunlight, or move it indoors under adverse weather conditions. You can elevate your garden to a comfortable working height, no need for knee pads. And you … Read more

How to Grow Pomegranate Trees Indoors

The pomegranate tree can grow up to 30 feet tall outdoors. To keep a standard pomegranate tree indoors requires constant and vigilant pruning. Dwarf pomegranates are a compact variety that is easily grown indoors. They are evergreens and you can expect pomegranate trees to be covered with shiny thick leaves year-round. In summer, they produce … Read more

Peat Pots: What You Need to Know

Basil seedlings in biodegradable peat pots on a wooden table.

Peat Pots are a favorite biodegradable way to start seeds indoors. When it’s time to transplant, set pot and all into the soil, the roots will grow right through the peat pot walls, permitting replanting without removing the pot. No shock or setback is suffered, so faster, heavier growth takes place. Peat Pots are made … Read more