Benefits of Toads and Frogs in the Garden

A toad crawls among succulents in a rock garden.

The Case for Having Frogs and Toads in the Garden Frogs and toads are amphibious hopping, croaking bug-eating critters that are of great value to any yard or garden. Frogs have smooth, sometimes slimy skin that is near the green and yellow-green area of the color spectrum. Toads have bumpy dry skin and are generally … Read more

Magnets & Plants | Do Magnets Help Plants Grow?

There is some evidence that magnets can actually enhance the growth and yield of many plants. There are several ways exposure to magnetic fields may affect plant development. Sunlight, water and nutrients are the 3 primary requirements of plant development. Magnets will not help much with sunlight, but they can help with the uptake of … Read more

5 Indoor Greenhouse Options for Your Apartment

An image of plants growing indoors. Text reads 5 indoor greenhouse options for your apartment.

If you’re ready to fill your home with plants, but you feel unsure if the growing conditions are right in your space, it’s worth considering an indoor greenhouse for your apartment.  Greenhouses come in all shapes and feature a wide selection of materials so you can find the right one for your needs that also … Read more

5 Cheap Ways to Fill a Raised Garden Bed

A picture of a raised garden bed with plants growing in it. Text reads 5 cheap ways to fill a raised garden bed.

Raised bed gardening is one of the most enjoyable forms of gardening there is. It is incredibly convenient, yet still fulfilling. You’ll have far less weeding to do, you have total control of your soil, and best of all, you can do it for cheap. However, before you get started, you’ll need to find the … Read more

United States Frost Dates Map

Last Frost – Simplified by Zones Zone 3 May 1 to May 31 Zone 4 May 1 to May 30 Zone 5 Mar 30 to Apr 30 Zone 6 Mar 30 to Apr 30 Zone 7 Mar 30 to Apr 30 Zone 8 Feb 28 – Mar 30 Zone 9 Jan 30 – Feb 28 Zone 10 Jan 30