How to Propagate Plants With Stem Cuttings

Woman's hands holding rose stem cutting in a summer garden.

Plants are subject to the laws of nature and their primary purpose for existence in the grander scheme of the plant kingdom is the continuation of their species. They reproduce via seeds and pollen, root cuttings and runners and many can even reproduce via stem cuttings. Imagine reproducing a Human being from a severed finger … Read more

Seed Starters – Flower Pots from Garbage

Cucumber seedlings in eggshells placed in a recycled egg carton.

Most of the seed starter pots and trays we use are made from plastic. Plastic is not very eco-friendly – in fact it can be considered an ecologically hostile substance that takes decades to begin breaking down. There are a number of common everyday items that are normally relegated to the trash which can be … Read more

Chip Grafting – Chip Budding

Chip grafting also known as Chip budding is a fairly easy grafting method to master. Instead of grafting an entire shoot onto a root stock, just a single bud is grafted on.Not only is it relatively simple it is highly efficient. With chip budding, a bud on a chip of the trees wood [with bark] … Read more

Learn About Lighting for Indoor Gardening

Vegetables growing indoors under grow lights.

Fluorescent Lights vs. Other Horticultural and Standard Lighting Fluorescent Lights are up to 7 times more energy efficient than incandescent, they use substantially less energy and operate cooler than metal halide or HPS grow lights. Fluorescent Lamps are also available in a wide spectrum range. Fluorescent lights are a popular choice among small gardeners due … Read more

25 Edible Crops for Indoor Gardens

Cherry tomatoes grow in flower pots on the kitchen windowsill.

Year Round Vegetable Herb and Fruit Gardens Gardening season never ends. The most common form of gardening is outdoor gardening, in the edible realm it is the outdoor vegetable, herb and fruit gardens we cherish so much. Indoor gardening is another facet of horticulture that is gaining popularity. Without the open air sunny realm of … Read more

How to Cross-Breed Plants

A human hand uses a brush to cross-pollinate a cucurbit flower.

Breeding your own fruit and vegetable varieties is not rocket science. Even casual Home Gardeners can develop their own unique varieties suited to their needs and tastes. The information in this article is highly simplified and very basic, designed for those wishing to get their feet wet in the realm of plant breeding. Professional plant … Read more

Use Red Plastic Mulch to Increase Veggie and Fruit Production

Close-up of ripe and green tomatoes cluster on vines with red plastic mulch underneath.

Red plastic mulch was developed by the US Dept. of Agriculture and Clemson University for the purpose of increasing yields for commercial growers. It is proven to increase yields by roughly 20%. Tomatoes When properly used, red plastic mulch for Tomatoes not only increases the overall yield – it also increases the size of the individual tomatoes, … Read more