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General Hydroponics Controller Reservoir--A series of hydroponic modules can be interconnected together with the Controller supplying nutrient and water automatically to all the units. The Controller is very simple - a container with a float valve is connected to the line of units. A master reservoir filled with fresh water and mild nutrient is located on top of the float-valve actuated Controller. As the plants draw water from their individual reservoirs, the liquid levels drop causing the float valve in the Controller to open and draw fresh nutrient from the master reservoir. This automatically maintains the ideal nutrient level in all the interconnected units, simple, elegant, reliable and inexpensive.

Independent Temperature/Humidity Control The AIR-2 has the same features as the AIR-1 with the exception of separate temperature and humidty outlets. This allows you to control the temperature and humidty independently. Once you have connected your temperature control device and a dehumidifier to the controller, your desired temperature and humidity are automatically maintained.

Digital Co2 PPM & Temperature ControlPlants can grow up to 30% faster and produce larger harvests
Reliable, accurate and easy to use
Controls a CO2 generator OR a CO2 regulator
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CO2 Regulator Easy to operateComes with programmable timer,Maintain ideal CO2 levels

Turns equipment on and off at precise intervals30 seconds to 30 minutes of on timePlugs into standard outlet15 amp at 120 volt

Sundial Digital Timerhydroponic systems and lights can run on the same schedule with this digital timer. This 24-hour programmable dual outlet timer has a large, LCD readout. Handles 15 amps and 1200 watts. Excellent for hydroponic system, pumps, lighting, etc.

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Complete Greenhouse Controller The complete greenhouse controller controls all the main devices required in today's modern hydroponic garden. Your garden's HID lights are controlled by a precision 24-hour time clock. Two outlets are provided for your lights. Other functions such as supplemental CO2 and pumps are also coordinated with the time clock. Two outlets are for your exhaust fans or air conditioner. A built-in thermostat and humistat handle the growing area's temperature and humidity control functions. The two pump outlets allow your water pumps to be controlled by the built in Adjustable Recycling Timer. A selector switch allows the user to determine if the pumps are to cycle only when the lights are on or 24 hours a day. With the addition of  CO2 control makes this the top of the line environmental controller in the world.


Growth Mediums

Rockwool Cubes are great for rooting cuttings or germinating seeds. We recommend soaking them in pH 5.5 water overnight, and add seeds or cuttings the next day. Keep them under a dome to retain moisture and mist if necessary. From here, you can transplant into any growing medium, soil or hydro. If you want to transplant into largerrockwool blockslater on, don't use these cubes (they're too big) - use the 1x1x1.5'' Rockwool Cubecubes.

has increased water holding capacity. It can be used alone, mixed with repellent granulate, or used as an amendment to organic based mixes to improve plant growth



Light Expanded Clay Aggregate. Which is used as a media in all  hydroponic systems including Nutrient Film Technique, Aeroponic, Ebb and flow, and Drip/ Trickle feed systems. it is perfect for growing plants, especially indoor plants in hydroponics, and provides an ideal balance of moisture, food and air to your plants. Root rot is eliminated by the space between the pebbles allowing all-important oxygen to get to the roots.



Rockwool Rocks  This is a high-quality dry nutrient designed for hydroponics, but also suitable for soil. It contains all of the trace minerals required by plants

MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are extremely potent, stand alone, water-soluble, dry concentrate nutrients. Complete in all primary, secondary and micro nutrients;MaxiGro and MaxiBloom  are user friendly and will provide superior results over a broad spectrum of different crops, water-qualities and hydroponic or soil based methods. Use MaxiGro to start plants, for seedlings and cuttings, and to stimulate rapid growth through the "vegetative" growth stage.MaxiGro and MaxiBloom  are the easiest to use formulas on the market and can drive plants into higher levels of growth and yield. MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are pH buffered to minimize pH drift and the need to check and adjust nutrient pH.