Preserving Apples

Apples for Preserving

The best apples are fresh off the tree, but that only lasts for a few months. Apples can be made into a variety of preserves for year round use. Jams and Jellies, Pie fillings, and more. Freezing and Drying apples is another way to preserve them for future use.

Browning / Oxidation

Enzymes in apples, pears and some other fruits causes a browning. This browning is referred to as oxidation, which begins as soon as the fruits outer skin is broken , cut or sliced.

The most common treatment is ascorbic acid (vitamin C) aka Lemon Juice. Oxidation is slowed down by placing fruit in citric acid or lemon juice solutions or in sugar syrup.

Apples will retain flavor and texture best when packed in sugar syrup. However, sugar is known to promote other bacterial growth, so we only reccommend sugar syrup when freezing apples. See - Freezing Apples

Dehydrated apples make a tasty snack, canned apples, such as apple pie filling make great apple pies, tarts and other baked goods, apple jelly and preserves are another way to preserve summers apple bounty . See - Drying Apples

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