Making Apple Jelly


5 pounds apples


Stainless Steel or Enamel Saucepan

This is a simple but unusual mellow flavored jelly.

If you use a strong-flavored honey, the honey flavor will predominate. if you use a lighter honey such as clover honey, the apple flavor will be more prevalent.

canning and jelly making supplies


Remove stems and dark spots - quarter apples,
Do not pare or core.

Add just enough water to half cover apples and cook in a stainless steel or enamel saucepan until the fruit is soft.

Drain, using a jelly bag.  For every 6 cups juice, Add 1/2 cup honey


Boil until a good jelly test / setting point is obtained.

Pour into hot, sterilized half-pint jars, leave 1/4 inch head-space, and seal.

Recommended - Process for 5 minutes in a boiling-water bath

* Setting Point is reached when the boiling liquid begins to clot. There are various ways to check for setting.

1.} Dip a long wooden spoon into the pan and hold it up so you can see the liquid run off. If it starts to form flakes as it drops, setting point has been reached.

2.}Pour a spoonful of the hot mass on to a plate and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. Push the edges of the jam with your index finger, it is set when it all wrinkly and crinkly. Always test for setting point at the time the recipe suggests, if not set continue to cook checking every 5 minutes. Donít overcook.


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