Kiwi Strawberry is it Real or another Hoax

Is the Kiwi Strawberry Real or Fake ?

Does anyone remember the Blue Strawberries that are still hawked on the internet, although not by any reputable seed houses? They weren’t actually a hoax, blue strawberries are for real, the problem, however, is that an extremely small percentage of strawberries grown from these plants are actually blue or even close to it.

Those that are, are never anywhere near the brilliant blue as depicted on the photo-shopped imagery.

Another blue strawberry is a GMO gene-spliced with of all things – fish. Sound kinda fishy?

Kiwi Strawberry Berry

Recently a new breed of fruit is showing up in advertisements – the kiwi strawberry. This new fruit is said to be a cross between a strawberry and a kiwi.

Some sources state it is the product of grafting while others say it is the product of breeding. These seeds are shipped largely from China .. and we all know how reputable they are.

There are some breeds of muskberry – a very close cousin to strawberry, so close you can’t always tell the difference visually.

Some of these musk berries are red on the outside and yellowish-green on the inside, they are rare and not really worth growing as they taste like turtle food.

My suspicion is this is what is being pawned off as kiwi-strawberry.

As per the internet images – photo-shopped. No fruit be it hybrid or not produces dual sets of seeds – all the images I’ve seen show kiwi seeds on the inside and strawberry seeds on the outside.

Nature doesn’t do that, and it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Schemes and scams are a dime a dozen, the horticultural realm is no exception.

How about Rainbow Grapes – Various internet imagery depicts phantasmagorical grapes growing in seemingly unnatural eye-catching spectrum’s.

There is no GMO or hybrid grape cultivar that ripens into all the shades of the rainbow as the seed hucksters are claiming. Most of these seeds are shipped from China and we all know how reputable they are …..

Another horticultural scam was the kiwi- banana which arose out of an April Fools joke. Kiwi does not and can not grow inside a banana skin.

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