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Hybrid Cross of Kumquats and Lemons

Lemonquats compared to other Citrus Fruits

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a unique little citrus tree known as a Lemonquat, although in some circles it is called a sunquat or lemon drop

It's a tasty little citrus that can be devoured rind and all. The rind is a tad sweet and the flesh is a tad tart, not as sour as a lemon but certainly a contender.

It was initially discovered by Leslie Cude of Beeville, Texas, it is a chance hybrid or a natural hybrid between a lemon and Kumquats. These two plants got together without any help from breeders and created the lemonquat.

The lemonquat is a hybrid of lemon, meyer lemon it is suggested, and kumquat. It is oval and tapered near the top something like a pear but not as dramatic. Lemonquat is segmented like most citrus, the segments contain deep yellow flesh with a hint of orange.

The fruits peak at about 3 inches. Even though it is a hybrid, it can be grown from seed. Most hybrids will revert to one of the parent cultivars however citrus rarely does. Lemonquat seed will germinate true to variety about 90% of the time. I currently have a seedling I plan to grow as a bonsai - wish me luck :>

Lemonquat Trees and or seed is not readily available at local nurseries, the following are a few online dealers that will ship them.

Talbot Nursery,   Four Winds Growers