Seed Starters – Flower Pots from Garbage

Most of the seed starter pots and trays we use are made from plastic. Plastic is not very eco-friendly – in fact it can be considered an ecologically hostile substance that takes decades to begin breaking down.

There are a number of common everyday items that are normally relegated to the trash which can be used for seed starters. Almost anything capable of holding soil and water – or anything that can be crafted to hold soil and water.

Seed Starters from household waste

Citrus peels make an excellent starter pot for acid loving plants. A lemon, an orange or grapefruit can be hollowed out and used as a starter pot. It’s biodegradable and as it breaks down it provides additional nutrients your seedlings will need as they develop. Plants that do not tolerate highly acidic soil should not be placed in these Do it yourself pots.

Eggshells are another household item that makes a nifty little seed starter. Eggshells are lightweight and a tad fragile. Eggshell seedling pots over time will enrich the soil with calcium, magnesium and other nutrients that are essential for many plants to prosper.

Do it yourself Paper pots are another household item that can be crafted into seed starter pots . Paper items such as coffee filters or newspaper is readily shaped into a viable pot. They are not all that sturdy so several layers or reinforcement of sorts is at times needed. Toilet paper aind paper towel rolls sealed off at the bottom are another idea.

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