Snotty Gobbles

Manjack Berries

Manjack Berries

How'd ya like to eat some manjack or even a snotty gobble - Doesn't sound too appealing does it ?

Snotty Gobbles, or manjack as it is politely called is a tasty edible berry indigenous to India, although some variations are found in other parts of the world including the Carribean and Australia. Other names it goes by include glue berry, anonag , pink pearl and Indian Cherry.

The flesh of the ripe berries are very jelly like, like glue or their other moniker 'snotty' it has a simple and sweet taste. Unripe it is tart but palatably so.

The cherry sized berries range from tan and yellow to pink, some regional adaptions are reddish orange and resemble citrus. In its native habitat it bares fruit between march and June. In cooler regions it will still grow but bares less fruit in mid to late summer. Only recommended for hardiness zone 9 and higher if grown outdoors. Seeds and starts are hard to come by, one online source is the Seedman Company

The Tree or bush reaches upwards of 30 feet when fully mature. It produces moderately attractive flowers that have a bizarre growth habit in that they only open after sunset and through the night. The unripe fruits are commonly pickled.

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