Best New Fruits and Vegetables for 2019

8 Top Hybrid Seeds


Bred from the popular heirloom tomato Brandywine Tomato. Bred for better disease resitance and productivity by Martha Mutschler-Chu of Cornell University who cross-bred ‘Brandywine’ with similar disease-resistant sweet tomatoes to create ‘Brandywise.’

Indeterminate reaching maturity at 75 to 80 days after transplant.

Honeycomb cherry tomato

Honeycomb Tomato from Burpee produces dozens of flavorful golden-orange cherry tomatoes. Honeycomb has 6–7 foot twisting and curling vines adorned with a dozen or more cascading clusters of petite golden-orange tomatoes. Honeycomb can be grown in greenhouse year round or outdoors in the summer months. Incredibly sweet, which is how it got the moniker "Honeycomb'. Bred by Simon Crawford of Burpee.

Slovana Pepper produces a seemingly never ending summer harvest of  flourescent gold sweet peppers

A 'Slovana' Pepper plant produces ... and produces ... and produces a seemingly never ending flow of flourescent gold sweet peppers. Compact plants reaching just 16-25 inches tall, which is ideal for those with limited space. Available from Burpee

Just Sweet Pepper is a 2019 All-America Selections winner. Elongated small yellow sweet pepper. Plants attain a height of about 3 feet. Fruits are 3 inches long and bright yellow when fully ripe.

Primero Red Pepper NewHybrid hot pepper

Primero Red - A new hybrid hot pepper is the fastest ripening habanero pepper chiming in at roughly 80 days from transplant. It is a mild hot pepper at about 100 on the scoville scale, while most habaneros are around triple that number and more.

Plants reach about two feet tall by 2 feet wide. Good producers of red to orange red peppers. Bred by PanAmerican Seed and the University of Wisconsin.

Columbia Giant Blackberry  heavy yielding hybrid produces large elongated berries

Columbia Giant Blackberry

Bred by Oregon State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this thornless and heavy yielding hybrid produces large elongated berries. Bred for disease resistance, the physical prowess was a welcome side effect. Although the berries are large the plants are not incredibly overwhelming reach 5 to 6 feet in height.

Orange SilverWave Melon - South Korean melon is oval with a variegated green and white rind and juicy sweet orange flesh.

Orange SilverWave Melon

All-America Selections winner for the Northeast. South Korean melon is oval with a variegated green and white rind and juicy sweet orange flesh. They are mini melons weighing in at 3 to 4 lbs each.

Vines are up to 7 feet long and produce 4 to 6 melons per vine. Good disease-resistance, resistant to Melon Necrotic Spot Virus and Melon Fusarium Wilt. Taste is similar to cantaloupe, but a tad sweeter.

Green Fingers aka Baby Persian Cucumber.

Green Fingers / Baby Persian Cucumber

Disease resistant. Originating in the Middle East which is why it is known as Baby Persian cucumber. Produces a continuos harvest of thin-skinned 5-inch-long cukes right up to the first frost. Maturity at 60 to 65 days from seeding.