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Onions are an ingredient in many many dishes. They are a flavoring, a spice and at times a secret ingredient. They titillate our taste buds when blended into delicious meals and adorn our burgers and steaks.

Onions can also be the main dish, or at times an appetizer all by themselves.

Storing Onions

Store Onions in a cool, dry place. Freezing is not recommended unless you plan to store them for longer than a single season.

A good way to salvage stored Onions that are starting to sprout or are damaged is to puree and freeze them.

Cut away the damaged sections and outer layers - puree them in a blender and then pour the puree into ice cube trays, Once frozen transfer them into freezer bags. They're good for cooking soups , gravies , etcetera - I've even used them to mix into the stuffing of a Thanksgiving Turkey.

When drying onions, or any food for that matter, the temperatures should be consistent not too low or too high. Low temperatures may result in the growth of bacteria, high temperatures will result in the food being cooked - not dried. Under dried will spoil, Over dried will lose its flavor.


Pickled Onions

Pickled Red Onions

Hawaiian Pickled Onions

Pickled Pink Onions

Atomic Onion Relish

Casseroles - Pie

Maple Baked Onions

Onion Pie

Onion Casserole

Cheesy Onion Casserole

Green Bean & Onion Casserole

Onion Rings

Simple Onion Rings

Onion Rings with Beer

Barbecued Onion Rings

Crispy Onion Rings

Grilled Green Onions


French Onion Soup

Balsamic French Onion Soup

Golden Sweet Onion Soup

Cream Of Onion Soup

Creamy Swiss Onion Soup

Sweet Onion Soup