Golden Oregano

How to Grow Golden Oregano

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Golden Oregano [ Origanum vulgare Aureum] has a slightly different flavor than some other varieties. It is pleasant but not as pungent as more commonly grown oregano.

It is a perennial in zones 4-9 but can be grown as annual elsewhere. It makes an attractive ground cover, if left unkempt it can attain a height of 6 - 12 inches but can be trimmed and harvested frequently. Frequent harvesting and pruning makes it an excellent border plant in manicured landscape scenarios. It is advisable to trim them back in early summer, not only to maintain their manicured effect but to keep them contained as they are mildly invasive.

Golden Oregano Closeup

Golden Oregano produces small white, purple, pink or lavender flowers in late summer when most other plants are not blooming.

The foliage starts as a pale green, some say chartreuse in early spring and darkens to a more vibrant shade of green as the season progresses. Come Autumn it reverts to light green.

It can be grown from seed but is best grown from cuttings or divisions. See: New plants from Cuttings

Golden Oregano, like all oregano needs very little water. A common mistake gardeners make when growing Oregano is too much moisture, humidity, excessive rain, or over watering leads to root rot, which will surely lead the plants untimely demise. To prevent this, you need a well drained soil with plenty of organic matter to ensure better drainage. Good air circulation is also essential to promote evaporation of surplus water, give the plants ample room to spread. Prune over-bearing foliage to promote air circulation. A light pebble mulch or gravel around the base of plants can also help keep the soil surface dry.

It is Heat and drought tolerant. Although it does best in full sun, in extremely hot weather a bit of shade can't hurt. It survives hot weather and drought but in excess it is subject to leaf scorch, and the flavor suffers. Best leaf flavor usually occurs just prior to flowering.

Retains its golden color best in cooler climate and is an evergreen in the warmer zones.