Fall Planting of Peach Trees

Planting Peaches in Cooler Weather

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Fall is a great time to plant peach trees in most regions, fall planting has multiple advantages over spring planting. Zones 5 and further north should wait till spring.

Planting in the fall allows the root system to settle into the soil and become somewhat established. When it comes out of dormancy in the spring, it now has a head start on its life as a heartier , healthier and more productive peach tree.

Trees planted in cooler fall weather suffer less from transplant trauma, which is caused not only by root damage but by moisture loss. Trees and any plants planted in warm weather lose large amounts of moisture via transpiration which is facilitated by higher temperatures. This is not as much of a problem in the Fall. You will still need to water youngh peach trees durring fall when mother nature doesn't provide enough.

Planting a bare root tree is best. Trees are available from either online or local nurseries. For Transplants, Fruit Trees planted in the fall should be dormant, which only leaves a narrow window of time in mid to late November for warmer zones, this is not as crucial in cooler zones.

Fall Planting of Peaches

Spring planting requires that you soak the tree roots for six to eight hours before planting it. That's still not a bad idea for Fall planting but less time is acceptable.

Gently remove the tree from its nursery container. A light pruning of any dead roots may be necessary. Trim off any encircling roots by laying the tree and its root ball on its side and shearing or snipping off excess roots. Don't overdo it .

If there is a visible graft on the trunk, it should be faced away from direct sunlight, you don't want it facing south or if you're in Austrailia - north. The graft junction should be kept several inches below the soil level if possible.

Place the bare root trees in the holes center, leave a small mound in the middle of the hole to spread the roots over and around. The roots should placed so that they grow away from the center. Try not to bend them anymore than is absolutely necessary.

The peach tree should be pruned back to 26 to 28 inches after planting, snipping off any small side branches. This will help to ensure you have a higher quality crop, once again don't overdo it.

Planting Peach Seed in the Fall

Peach seeds should be planted in the fall if planting directly into garden soil. They can also be started indoors in pots at any time and transplanted outdoors at an opportune time. If you start them indoors it is advisable to harden them off gradually before planting them outdoors.