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Sweet Cucumber, Pepino Dulce, Pepino Melon

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Pepino is the Spanish word for cucumber and pepino melons are called Sweet cucumbers or Pepino Dulce in South America. The pepino melon is not a true melon, it is actually a Solanaceous related to eggplant and tomatoes. It has greenish yellow skin with purple stripes running vertically. The aromatic flesh is yellow and slightly grainy. All parts of the pepino melon are edible.

Sizes vary, anywhere from the ping pong size to as large as a boci ball. Timing your Pepino harvest is tricky. When allowed to over-ripen it is fruity sweet with a hint of banana and mango, sometimes a tad bitter background taste. If too over ripe it tastes bland. If picked too early it tastes like a vegetable, a watery cucumber with a very distant echo of honeydew.

They are somewhat tender and fragile when ripe so need to be handled with care so as to avoid bruising.

Pepino is prone to the same pests that will infest true melons and cucumbers. Spider mites appear to be attracted to it as are aphids.

Pepino Melon

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