Pepper Plant Pests

Insects that Feed on Pepper Plants

There are over 40 insects that attack pepper plants, sweet varieties more than the hot ones. Frequent inspection and removal are key to controlling or eliminating infestations. Since many insects overwinter in nearby brush and weed, it is a essential that you keep the garden area free of debris.

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The major pests include the Pepper Weevil, which is black colored, gray or yellow marked, Pepper Maggot, Cutworms, Flea beetle, Leaf Miner and Tomato Horn worms. Aphids become a problem by mid summer. Pepper maggots, ear worms and borers as well.

By late summer, if not properly controlled corn borers, army worms, and corn ear worms can reach highly destructive numbers.

Pepper Weevil - Pest of both sweet and hot varieties of pepper. In the southern USA, Central America, Hawaii and Caribbean.Adult pepper weevils feed on fruit and leaf buds and lay eggs on flowers, buds and fruit.

Pepper Maggot

The adult is a yellowish fly about 1/3 of an inch or 8 mm long. It has a pair of brown-banded, transparent wings. A small black dot is located on each side of the last segment of the abdomen.

The Egg is white, oval shaped and about 2 mm long. The Larva is a translucent white, the maggot has a pointed head and turns yellow as it develops. It is 10 to 12 mm long when fully grown.The pupa is enclosed in a hard covering. This protective case is about 8 mm long and 4 mm wide.

Effective against Pepper Maggots are

AcephateAcephate Insecticide                        PyrethinPyrethin Biopesticides


Colorado Potato Beetle          Flea Beetles

Harlequin Bugs


Soft-bodied, oval/pear shaped insects that are commonly found on nearly all varieties of plants, vegetables, field crops, and fruit trees. They range in size from 1/5 inch to 1/4 inch ,Some are winged, some are not. They suck plant juices. Sweet peppers are an occasional target of aphids.


Horn worms

Beet Army worm

Corn borer


Corn Ear Worms

Cut Worms