Kosher Green Tomato Pickles

These pickled tomatoes have a unique flavor, unlike standard pickles the acids of the tomatoes interacts with the garlic and vinegar to create a unique crunchy taste experience.

Jar of Green Tomato Pickles


Green tomatoes

Stalk celery

Sweet green peppers


2 quarts water

1 quart vinegar

1 cup Pickling salt


Use small, firm green tomatoes. Pack into sterilized jars.

Add to each quart jar a bud of garlic, 1 stalk of celery and 1 green pepper cut in fourths.

Make a brine of the water, vinegar and salt. Boil with the dill for 5 minutes.

Pour the hot brine over the pickles to within 1/2 inch of top . Put on cap, screw band firmly tight.

Process in Boiling Water Bath 15 minutes. These will be ready for use in 4-6 weeks.