Watermelon Rind Preserves

Sweet Preserved Melon Rind

This treat tastes very little like what you expect from anything made from watermelon. It is made from the rind so does not have that much of the natural melon flavor, but instead relies on the sugar, lemon and ginger for its unique flavor. It is a spread, similar to Jam or Jelly, try it you'll like it.


1 1/2 quarts of Prepared Melon Rind (about 6 cups)

4 Tbs Salt

1 Tbs Ground ginger

4 Cup Sugar

1/4 Cup Fresh lemon juice

1/2 Cup Thinly sliced lemon (about 1 medium lemon)

Trim the outer green skin and pink flesh from the rind. Cut into 1-inch pieces.

Dissolve the salt in 8 cups of water and pour over the rind. Let stand 5 to 6 hours. Drain, rinse and drain again. Cover with cold water and let stand 30 minutes. Drain. Sprinkle the ginger over the rind; cover with water and cook until fork-tender. Drain.

Making the preserves Combine the sugar, lemon juice and 6 cups water in a large pot or Dutch oven. Boil for 5 minutes. Add the rind and boil gently for 30 minutes or until syrup thickens. Add sliced lemon and cook until the rind is transparent.

Pack hot into hot jars, leaving 1/2 inch head space. Remove air bubbles. Adjust caps. Process 20 minutes in boiling water bath.

Makes about 6 half pints.