10 Best Echinacea Varieties to Grow

Close up of a pink Echinacea angustifolia flower.

Echinacea Plant The coneflower aka Echinacea is a North American native plant originating in the vast prairie lands where the deer and the buffalo roamed. Since its domestication, breeders have developed new dazzling varieties. Prized not only for its unquestionable aesthetic appeal, but the coneflower also has herbal, medicinal, and culinary attributes that make it … Read more

Giant Sunflowers: Planting and Growing Guide

Giant orange and yellow sunflower fully in bloom.

The sunflower family includes over 20,000 distinct species. They are Compositae a diverse family of flowering plants that includes perennials and annuals. Other members of the same plant family include marigolds, dandelions and daisies. Among the Compositae family are several species commonly referred to as giant Ssunflowers, some as big as trees. The tallest sunflower ever … Read more

Grow Ring of Fire Sunflowers for Brilliant Late Summer Color

Closeup of a ring of fire sunflower.

Ring of Fire is a strikingly colorful member of the sunflower clan. Its five-inch blossom has gold petal edges that encircle a ring of red which flows around the chocolate brown center. Unique from other sunflowers, it also blooms later, sometimes when other flowers have passed their peak, and up to 120 days to show … Read more

Sunflower Seed Harvest and Preparation

Close-up of a harvested sunflower flower head with seeds.

All parts of the sunflower are edible. The primary purpose sunflowers are grown besides aesthetic value, is the seeds. The seeds are harvested both commercially and by home gardeners. Seeds are collected for consumption as a tasty snack, for bird food and for planting the following season.  The seeds can be removed from dry flower … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Milk Thistle

Closeup of a purple milk thistle blossom.

The milk thistle (Silybum Marianum) is a little known plant in the daisy family and also related to artichokes. It is cultivated in some places, and in others it is considered a “noxious weed”. Milk thistle plants produce a single purplish-pink to lavender flower in late summer, hedged within a spiny thistle structure. The stems … Read more

Sunflowers – Grow Sunflowers luv2garden

The sunflower is a member of one of the largest families of flowering plants – Compositae. The sunflower family has over 20,000 distinct species. The Compositae encompass a diverse array of species that includes perennials and annuals. Other members of the same plant family include marigolds, dandelions and daisies. In the home garden the sunflower … Read more

Hibiscus – Grow Hibiscus luv2garden

Hibiscus are flowering shrubs, sometimes considered small trees. They are a welcome addition to just about any landscape. They attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds with their large colorful blooms, the flowers are also edible and very tasty. They are tart like cranberries. Hibiscus can grow up to 15 feet tall with flowers at 6″ in … Read more

Electric Daisies – Luv2garden

Electric Daisy Uses and Properties In desserts as well as other dishes it adds an unanticipated jolt to that yogurt or sorbet. They are also mixed into cocktails. They blend quite well into the garden with ornamental as well as edible plants. Electric daisies are packed by nature with some interesting compounds. Spilanthol appears to … Read more

Growing Ginseng Profitably

Ginseng can be a profitable plant to grow if you have the patience and perseverance to see it through. Wild ginseng is much sought after in regions where it grows, it fetches a high price and because of this has been grossly over harvested. In fact it is considered an endangered plant species in many … Read more