Chestnut Crabapple Trees: Plant Profile

Ripe chestnut crabapple fruit hanging from a tree branch.

What are Chestnut Crabapples? Chestnut Crab apple is frequently used as a pollinator for other apples. It is also one of the few cultivars that are self-pollinating, although another cultivar nearby is advisable. Introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1946 and released in 1949, the 15 to 20-foot trees produce a yellow crab apple … Read more

12 Best Edible Crabapple Varieties

Ripe crabapples dangling in a tree.

Whether you have a crabapple tree or are looking at getting a crabapple tree, you’ll want to know if your crabapples are edible. Well, are crabapples edible? Here you’ll find a list of 12 edible crabapples. Remember, just because they are edible doesn’t mean you’ll like them. While some have a taste that you will … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Apple Trees at Home

Hand reaching for apple growing on top of a tree in a home orchard.

An Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away! Studies show that phloridzin found in apples and only apples may protect older women from osteoporosis as they increase bone density. Another ingredient found in apples, boron also strengthens bones. A study conducted at Cornell University found that apples may protect brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease. The … Read more

How to Grow Apple Trees From Seed

Close-up of a woman's hands with an apple tree sprout.

If you’ve got a sense of curiosity, a smidgen of audacious courage, and a hefty glob of patience you might want to try growing apples from seed. I say patience because it will be about 5 to 6 years possibly as long as a decade before you get any apples. Apples Not True to Variety … Read more

How to Make Apple Cider DIY

Outside the USA, cider refers to a fermented alcoholic beverage. In the USA we call that Hard Cider. The main difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice is filtration. Apple juice has been excessively filtered to attain a clear liquid. Apple cider is a form of raw apple juice that has not been filtered to … Read more

Prairie Fire Crab Apples Plant Profile

Prairie Fire is a relatively new variety of crab apple that averages around 12 -15 feet tall. It’s foliage is strikingly maroon to dark lavender, come Autumn it morphs to variant shades of auburn, orange and red. The biggest detraction from this cultivar is that although the fruit is edible, basically it sucks and is best … Read more

Centennial Crab Apples – Plant Profile

Centennial Crab Apple Plant Profile Semi Dwarf Cold Hardy trees produce plum shaped miniature apples with a light crimson blush over greenish yellow. Centennial Crab Apple was bred from Dolgo and Wealthy apples at the University of Minnesota in the 1950s. Small elongated fruits have a bright scarlet blush with a crisp sweet flavor that … Read more

Dolgo Crabapple Trees – Plant and Crop Profile

A cluster of ed dolgo crabapples hanging from the branch.

Dolgo Crabapple was initially a 19th Century Russian Import, it serves well as an ornamental and edible fruit producing tree. It is fairly large as crabapple trees go reaching over 30 feet in height at times. Good resistance to scab and fire-blight. It is frequently paired with other fruits in preserves and sauces. It has … Read more