How to Grow and Care for Tangerine Trees Indoors

A potted tangerine tree bearing ripe fruit stands next to a gray interior wall.

What are Tangerines, Best Types and Basic Requirements Tangerines are one of several types of mandarins. The name tangerine is not frequently used outside of North America. Portuguese mariners returning from Southeast Asia are credited with introducing mandarins through Tangiers, Morocco, hence they became known as Tangierines or tangerines. The tangerine is a small yellowish … Read more

How to Grow Pomegranate Trees Indoors

The pomegranate tree can grow up to 30 feet tall outdoors. To keep a standard pomegranate tree indoors requires constant and vigilant pruning. Dwarf pomegranates are a compact variety that is easily grown indoors. They are evergreens and you can expect pomegranate trees to be covered with shiny thick leaves year-round. In summer, they produce … Read more