Plum Tree Troubleshooting

Plum leaves with brown spots indicating a viral disease.

Prunus aviumFull SunSoil pH: 6.0-7.0 Diseases of Plum Trees Plum Pocket Disease first appears as small, white blisters on fruits. These eventually mature ,enlarge and encompass the entire plum. The plum becomes spongy and somewhat misshapen. The seed cavity hollows, withers and dies off. The surface eventually becomes fuzzy gray as spores develop on the surface. … Read more

How to Make Prunes from Plums

A pile of fresh dried prunes with fresh purple plums.

Preserving Plums via Dehydration Prunes are one of the most commonly dried fruits, after raisins. They make a healthy and naturally sweet snack. Quite simply put they are dehydrated plums. Tracing back the origin of the word “prune” when referring to dried plums, would take one to the old French word for plum which was … Read more

Plums Planting Guidelines

Prunus avium Full Sun Soil pH: 6.0-7.0 Plums, when properly planted and maintained are a relatively easy to grow fruit that produces bountiful harvests. Many varieties available to the home gardener don’t take up a tremendous amount of space. Even smaller yards and gardens can host a plum tree or two. Selecting a Variety that … Read more