Why Are My Watermelons So Small and Not Growing?

Small watermelon growing on the vine.

Watermelons Not Growing Every now and again you’ll plant watermelons and yes you do get melon, but they’re squeamishly small and stunted. There are a number of reasons watermelons fail to grow to their anticipated size and at times even fail to ripen at all. Here we discuss a variety of factors causing small watermelons. … Read more

Watermelon Splitting: What Causes a Watermelon to Split?

Cracked and spoiled watermelon on the ground inside of a veggie garden.

Melon Varieties Prone to Splitting Some thin-skinned watermelon varieties are prone to splitting and cracking. They are sometimes dubbed ‘exploding melons’ for this very reason. Thin rind varieties are infamous for this and tend to split more often on the vine. But even thick rind varieties can at times burst or split. Thin rind varieties … Read more

How to Grow a Square Watermelon

A square-shaped, green watermelon grown from shaping inside of a container.

Square watermelons are not a new or different breed of watermelon. They are common everyday garden varieties of melons grown in a different way. A method pioneered in Japan, to make the watermelons more shippable. Normal watermelons leave a lot of unused airspace when being shipped, square melons however, with their corners all meeting tightly … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Watermelons at Home

Watermelon growing from the vine in a home garden.

Citrullus lanatus USDA Zones: 3-11 Sunlight: Full Sun Soil type: Sandy Soil pH: 6.0-6.8 Watermelons are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. The shapes vary from round to oblong, with colors ranging from light green to almost black. The fruit skin color can be solid, striped, or marbled. The edible portion of the flesh … Read more

Best Varieties of Yellow Watermelons

Fresh ripe yellow-fleshed watermelon sliced open to reveal the interior.

Watermelon comes in green, green striped and variegated blends of green speckled skinned and even black. Black is beautiful in melons like sugar baby melons. Beneath the skin watermelons are traditionally red and juicy, some lighter pigmented melons are even described as ‘pink’. However not all watermelons are Red, yellow is the new black when … Read more

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Slices of fresh watermelon and juice with ice in a glass.

Watermelon is more than a pretty face. While it may be true that roughly 90 percent of a watermelon is water and natural sugars, it is not JUST sugar and water, it is actually a nutrient dense fruit. It contains elevated levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, while cursing us with only a small number … Read more

Why is My Homegrown Watermelon Hollow and How Do I Fix it?

Watermelons are sometimes hollow in the center. Not a major problem just a little annoying. Melons and related fruits will sometimes form with a hollow interior or ‘hollow heart’. The flavor is sometimes not up to par either, now that’s a tad more than annoying. Watermelons develop with a hollow center for a number of … Read more

Common Pests and Disease Problems of Watermelons

Blossom end rot in a watermelon fruit.

Plant Diseases Common to Watermelon Fusarium Wilt Watermelons are attacked by Fusarium wilt at all stages of development. Seeds may decay in the soil. Seedlings wilt collapse and die before or after emergence. Older plants wilt, wither, and die any time during the growing season. If melons do form, they are generally small and unpalatable. … Read more