How to Braid and Make Garlic Ropes

Braids of ripe garlic bulbs hanging from a tree branch.

Your garlic is ready!? Cool ! Once you harvest all the garlic you’ll need to store it, there are of course methods of pickling such as Spicy Pickled Garlic They can also be dry stored in bunches, braiding them together is not only an age old method but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Cloves of garlic … Read more

Sprouting Garlic for Spring Planting

Garlic bulbs sprouting in a bowl of water.

In order to grow the biggest and most flavorful cloves, garlic should be planted in the fall and harvested in the summer. But if you missed the fall planting season, there’s no need to worry. Here is an easy shortcut for sprouting garlic cloves in time for spring. All you need is a bowl, some water, and a sunny window!

How to Grow Hydroponic Mint: No Soil, No Problem

Mint plants growing hydroponically in a pipe setup.

There are over 500 types of mint, botanists define slightly less than 30 species with the remaining 400+ being hybrids of these primary species. Common characteristics of all mint plants are the volatile and essential oils that create their hallmark menthol aroma and flavor. Another common characteristic of most mint plants is that they thrive … Read more

How to Grow Capers and What Do They Look Like?

Close up of a caper vine with flowers and fruit.

What Are Capers? Capers are somewhat of a delicacy. They are the flower buds of the plant Capparis spinosa or caper bush. It is a perennial plant that produces not only the tasty little caper but also caper berries. Caper berries are oval off green fruits about the size of an olive and used in … Read more

Types of Mint: 20 Mint Varieties to Grow At Home

Different types and varieties of mint growing in the garden.

Some say there are over 500 types of mint, botanists define slightly less than 30 species with the remaining 400+ being hybrids of these primary species. The reason there is such a large array of mint plants to choose from is that it hybridizes very easily. Two species of mint in close proximity to one … Read more

How to Grow Hydroponic Garlic

Garlic growing with hydroponic techniques.

Garlic is easily grown hydroponically, as with anything, there are a few tricks and a few drawbacks. One big drawback to growing garlic in your home is the stench. Garlic has a very strong odor. Not just the bulbs, but the plant itself. Grown outdoors, the aroma dissipates into the atmosphere while indoors it permeates … Read more

What Causes Basil Leaves to Turn Yellow? And How to Fix It?

Sweet basil plant with yellow leaves.

Basil will turn yellow for several reasons, some are easily rectified and some are incurable depending on how far along in the growing season you’ve gotten. Diseased Plants will turn Yellow Root rot [damping off] is a common reason for the yellowing of basil plants. Basil requires ample water, but if you’ve overdone it, or … Read more

Comfrey as Fertilizer: Benefits and How to Make It

Green leaves of a young comfrey plant.

Grow a Fertilizer Factory Comfrey is an ornamental plant, it has no edible applications although herbalists at one time recommended it for some medicinal applications, that is no longer the case. Taken internally it has been shown to cause liver problems. It can be used topically as a salve that is covered elsewhere. Benefits of … Read more