How to Braid and Make Garlic Ropes

Braids of ripe garlic bulbs hanging from a tree branch.

Your garlic is ready!? Cool ! Once you harvest all the garlic you’ll need to store it, there are of course methods of pickling such as Spicy Pickled Garlic They can also be dry stored in bunches, braiding them together is not only an age old method but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Cloves of garlic … Read more

Sprouting Garlic for Spring Planting

Garlic bulbs sprouting in a bowl of water.

In order to grow the biggest and most flavorful cloves, garlic should be planted in the fall and harvested in the summer. But if you missed the fall planting season, there’s no need to worry. Here is an easy shortcut for sprouting garlic cloves in time for spring. All you need is a bowl, some water, and a sunny window!

How to Grow Hydroponic Garlic

Garlic growing with hydroponic techniques.

Garlic is easily grown hydroponically, as with anything, there are a few tricks and a few drawbacks. One big drawback to growing garlic in your home is the stench. Garlic has a very strong odor. Not just the bulbs, but the plant itself. Grown outdoors, the aroma dissipates into the atmosphere while indoors it permeates … Read more

Garlic Planting and Growing Guide

Freshly harvested garlic bulbs drying in the outdoors.

Most of our Garlic is grown in China, free of the regulatory constraints of the USDA, it is treated with bleaches and chlorine to give it a whiter color and with chemicals and preservatives long since banned in the US and most Western countries because of their adverse side effects not only to the ecology … Read more

Garlic Companion Planting Guide

Garlic is an awesome companion plant, it accumulates sulfur, a naturally occurring fungicide which will help in the garden with disease prevention. Garlic also is helpful in pest suppression, it discourages aphids, flea beetle, Japanese beetle, fungus gnats, codling moths, cabbage loopers, ants, snails and spider mites as well as vampires and members of the … Read more

Garlic Growing Problems: Cause, Prevention, Treatment

Garlic bulbs pulled from the garden showing the effects of fungal disease.

Garlic accumulates a naturally occurring fungicide sulfur, which also is helpful in pest suppression, it discourages many common garden pests. Unfortunately you repel some of the bugs some of the time and all of the bugs some of the time but you can’t repel all the bugs all the time. There are insects and fungal … Read more

Garlic Inter Planted with Fruit Trees

Garlic has strong anti fungal properties and is effective against many issues that plague fruit trees. Planted near the base of apple trees, garlic protects against apple scab. Planted near the base of peach trees it protects from leaf curls. Many of the same issues that affect Apples and Peaches also hamper pear and cherry trees so naturally garlic is … Read more

Garlic Preserved in Wine

Peeled garlic cloves submerged in wine and stored in the refrigerator are an awesome mode of preserving garlic as well as making a super healthy drink. Garlic Wine boosts the immune system, purifies the blood, has strong anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates excess body salts, helps prevent heart disease by improving heart function, reduces cholesterol and fights … Read more