DIY Hydroponic Mushrooms: How to Grow Mushrooms Hydroponically

Mushrooms can be grown hydroponically, in a very similar fashion to that used for conventional rooting plants. Mushrooms do not have roots but can still thrive in a soil-less hydroponic media. They actually mature and produce faster than either conventionally cultivated mushrooms or other standard hydroponic crops. Fungus, which is what a mushroom actually is, … Read more

Mushroom Growing Kits That Are Great for Beginners

A picture of mushrooms on wood planks. Text reads 5 mushroom growing kits great for beginners.

Mushroom growing kits not only bring a source of endless fascination, but they can also put a delicious meal on the table in the right circumstances. The edible mushroom enthusiast can find a mushroom kit suited to the most amateur of operations from oyster mushrooms to shiitakes. In this article, we’ll go over some of … Read more

How to Properly Dry and Dehydrate Mushrooms

Sliced Boletus Edulis mushrooms on dehydrator screens.

At times an overabundant harvest of mushrooms leaves you with more than you can possibly consume in a reasonable time frame. There are several ways they can be preserved for future use, drying is one of them. Drying Mushrooms: Methods, Tips, Storage Here we will discuss the three different types of methods for drying mushrooms. … Read more

Can You Cultivate Candy Cap Mushrooms?

Candy cap mushrooms growing on a moss-covered surface.

Candy Caps are a very unusual variety of edible mushroom generally acquired by foraging in late fall and early winter. There are two different species, Lactarius rubidus or Lactarius rufulus. Unfortunately there are also some poisonous mushrooms very similar to candy cap, so unless you are 100% certain that you have a candy cap mushroom, … Read more

Portobello and Baby Bella (Crimini) Mushroom Growing Guide

Three harvested portobello mushrooms on a wooden surface.

For Portobello’s, in most climate zones growing indoors under a controlled environment is optimal. Getting Started Mushroom Kits The best way for beginners to grow Portobello mushrooms is from a kit. The kits retail for anywhere from $40 to 50 . You open the box – read the instructions – keep it moist , and … Read more

How to Grow Truffles at Home

Shovel with fresh truffles in a small hole in the dirt under an oak tree.

Truffles are a delicacy generally found in expensive gourmet shops. It’s a subterranean fungi popular in Europe for centuries. Very few North Americans have ever tried them, but those that have generally come back for more. Truffles are the fruiting bodies of certain fungi that grow in the soil and roots of certain plants. They … Read more

Mushrooms Planting Guide

Mushrooms are a tasty and healthy food source with a high vitamin content, low calorie content, and High nutrient and anti-oxidant content. Picking wild mushrooms is not advised, even experts have been known to make fatal errors – many mushrooms are toxic and even deadly. Properly home grown mushrooms are a safe alternative and are … Read more

30 Edible Mushroom Varieties You can Grow Yourself

There are a tad more than 10,000 documented varieties of mushrooms, most are toxic, some lethally so. Many are edible and most pleasingly so. Some are acquired via foraging while others are grown commercially and by home hobbyists. The following is a list of 30 edible mushrooms, some are easily grown some are very difficult … Read more

Almond Portobello Mushroom

Almond Mushroom aka Almond Portobello . Agaricus blazei, Agaricus brasiliensis, Agaricus rufotegulis, Cogumelo do Sol. This cultivar is related to true Portobello and white button but it is not the same. Almond Portobello smells and tastes like almonds because it contains many of the same unnatural sounding natural compounds such as benzaldehyde, benzoate and benzyl … Read more

Wine Cap Mushrooms Planting Guide

Wine cap mushrooms are not as well known as Portobello , but in my opinion their flavor and appeal is comparable, and in some cases superior. They are meatier and grow well in outdoor beds. One of the problems with growing wine cap mushrooms outdoors , or any mushroom for that matter , is the … Read more