Shiitake Mushrooms Planting Guide

Getting Started Mushroom Spawn Growing your own shiitake mushrooms isn’t very difficult. It’s low maintenance once you get it started and doesn’t require a tremendous amount of space. All you need is some Logs and seed , the mushroom seed is called spawn. Mushroom spawn is a fungus tissue needed to get your shiitake mushroom … Read more

Grow Lions Mane Mushrooms

Compounds found in mushrooms have varying effects on the Human Mind and Body. The psychedelic effects of some mushrooms bear witness to that, Willy Nelson would be glad to demonstrate. The compounds they contain are also at times toxic and even lethal. Other compounds found in mushrooms can be very beneficial. Lion’s mane mushrooms have … Read more

Mushroom Spores Harvest Methods and Tips

‘Mushroom seeds’ are extremely tiny minute spores, from a human vantage point they look like a powder. Each variety of mushroom produces and releases their spores in a slightly different manner. Some are more easily harvested than others, but all can be harvested to produce another mushroom crop. Professional mycologists use a spore print to … Read more

Morel Mushrooms

How to GROW Morel – Morchella Mushrooms True Morel Mushrooms are not only difficult to locate, they are expensive, fetching anywhere from $8 to $15 per pound – subject to market fluctuations. They are not only difficult to locate in the wild from whence they are customarily gathered, but they are also difficult to cultivate. … Read more