Basinga Yellow Tomato: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Basinga yellow tomatoes growing on the vine in a veggie garden.

If you’re looking for a unique heirloom tomato to add to your garden, then the Basinga Yellow might be perfect for you. With its sweet and tangy flavor, this tomato is a real treat. In this guide, we’ll cover planting tips and growing considerations. Read on to learn more!

Giant Tomato Trees: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Red and green tomatoes hanging on a tomato tree plant.

Do you love tomatoes? If so, then you’ll love growing giant tomato trees! These plants are perfect for anyone with a green thumb, and they produce an abundance of delicious fruit. Keep reading to learn more about planting and caring for your very own giant tomato tree!

How to Harvest and Save Cucamelon Tubers

Gardener digging up cucamelon tubers with a potato fork.

Is there anything more exciting than harvesting your very own vegetables from your garden? Especially when you’ve managed to grow something unusual and unique, like cucamelons! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to lift and save cucamelon tubers so you can replant them next year. Let’s get started!

Striped Toga Eggplant: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Cluster of Striped Toga eggplant fruit on an isolated white background.

Like to dress up your garden with interesting fruit and vegetables? Then you’ll love growing striped toga eggplant! This unique variety produces bright orange fruits with green stripes. While they’re not the easiest plants to grow, with a little bit of care and some helpful tips, you can be enjoying your own homegrown striped toga eggplants in no time. Keep reading for more information on how to grow this beautiful vegetable!

Prairie Fire Crab Apples Plant Profile

Prairie Fire is a relatively new variety of crab apple that averages around 12 -15 feet tall. It’s foliage is strikingly maroon to dark lavender, come Autumn it morphs to variant shades of auburn, orange and red. The biggest detraction from this cultivar is that although the fruit is edible, basically it sucks and is best … Read more

Centennial Crab Apples – Plant Profile

Centennial Crab Apple Plant Profile Semi Dwarf Cold Hardy trees produce plum shaped miniature apples with a light crimson blush over greenish yellow. Centennial Crab Apple was bred from Dolgo and Wealthy apples at the University of Minnesota in the 1950s. Small elongated fruits have a bright scarlet blush with a crisp sweet flavor that … Read more

Dolgo Crabapple Trees – Plant and Crop Profile

A cluster of ed dolgo crabapples hanging from the branch.

Dolgo Crabapple was initially a 19th Century Russian Import, it serves well as an ornamental and edible fruit producing tree. It is fairly large as crabapple trees go reaching over 30 feet in height at times. Good resistance to scab and fire-blight. It is frequently paired with other fruits in preserves and sauces. It has … Read more

Peat Pots: What You Need to Know

Basil seedlings in biodegradable peat pots on a wooden table.

Peat Pots are a favorite biodegradable way to start seeds indoors. When it’s time to transplant, set pot and all into the soil, the roots will grow right through the peat pot walls, permitting replanting without removing the pot. No shock or setback is suffered, so faster, heavier growth takes place. Peat Pots are made … Read more