Little Fingers Carrots: Planting and Growing Guide

Little Fingers Carrots in wicker basket.

Little Finger Carrots, another French Heirloom, are miniature gourmet baby carrots measuring roughly 3 1/2″ long x 1/2″ round. It is smooth skinned with a small core. I have found this particular cultivar does best in containers, it is not as prolific or as reliable as some its cousins in the carrot Klan, but it … Read more

Carrot Weevils: Identification and Control

Macro photo of an adult carrot root weevil on a green leaf.

The carrot Weevil adult is a dark-brown snout beetle about 1/5 long . It over winters in plant debris in and about carrot fields that were infested the previous season , which is another good reason for Crop Rotation. In spring the adults emerge begin feeding and mate after a few warm days. They are … Read more