Growing Easter Egg Plant (Solanum Ovigerum)

White, round, easter eggplant with green leaves

Not many people have probably heard of an easter egg plant before. Those who have are usually intrigued by the name. So what is an easter eggplant? An easter eggplant, also known as an ornamental egg plant, is a type of eggplant. The plant produces egg-shaped fruits that start white but then grow into a … Read more

Baby (Thai) Yellow Eggplants: Facts & Information

Thee harvested baby (Thai) eggplant fruits on a rustic wooden surface.

Baby Yellow Eggplant aka Thai yellow eggplant is a miniature eggplant variety. An Asian Heirloom that is popular in South Asian cuisines. Currently, it is gaining some popularity in North America. If you are a fan of the big eggplants we cook for eggplant Parmesan, grilled eggplant, and assorted western cuisine – don’t waste your … Read more

12 Red Eggplant (Scarlet) Varieties

Top down view of a group of round, red eggplant fruit in a pot on a wooden surface.

There’s a lot of eggplants out there but red eggplants are a rarity. Many eggplants that bare the word ‘red’ or even pink appended to their names are simply violet versions of the common purple eggplants. True red eggplants are sometimes referred to as scarlet eggplants, they range in color from a pale scarlet to … Read more

17 Eggplant Insect Pests and Diseases: Pest Management

Eggplant fruit on a bush covered with mold.

Eggplants can be a tad demanding, they have their needs – consistent moisture, lush soil and nutrients, sunlight, warmth, and not too much wind. When properly maintained, and with a dose of good luck, they will produce the fruits for our eggplant parmigiana and assorted dishes in abundance. This article contains common symptoms and their … Read more

Eggplant Growing Guide: Learn to Plant and Care for Eggplants

Ripe, purple eggplants growing in a vegetable garden.

Eggplants were once considered a Sexy Fruit. They were called “apples of love” by the Portuguese and Spanish . Medieval Europeans believed that eggplant was an aphrodisiac. Botanists once classified them as ” Mala insana,” -“mad apple,”- there was a belief that consuming eggplant would cause insanity. In modern times they serve as an excellent … Read more

How to Grow Eggplant During a Drought

Hand watering eggplant with a hose and spray nozzle.

Eggplant, once established can withstand a greater drought than most vegetables. They are heat loving plants, but even heat loving plants require some water. You will notice blossom drop and diminished yields when the daytime temperatures remain above 95 degrees for any extended period of time. The fruit may also develop sun-scald if exposed to … Read more

Tips and Techniques for Supporting and Staking Eggplants

Purple eggplants being supported by wooden stakes in a garden.

Eggplants do not need support or cages as much as tomatoes do, but they have been known to topple over from their own weight. Some varieties are more prone to this than others. Even small varieties such as the egg shaped or Asian miniatures which produce prolifically, will be stretched to the limit after a … Read more

Eggplant Varieties

Three different types of eggplant in a pile on rustic table; purple, dark purple, and white colored fruit.

The Eggplant is an edible nightshade species along with tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, paprika, and several spices. The Nightshade family also includes some poisonous plants. Eggplants were once called “apples of love” and considered to be aphrodisiacs. Early Botanists believed that eating Eggplant could cause insanity. In various places it is known as the Aubergine, melongene … Read more

White Eggplants: 13 Varieties to Try

White eggplant growing on the bush.

White Eggplants – you might want to consider one of the egg shaped varieties. Some people say there is a taste difference – white eggplants being a bit milder and fruitier – personally I don’t discriminate based on color and don’t really see much of a difference in taste – so once you go black … Read more

Using Eggplant as a Meat Substitute

Eggplant serves a meat substitute because of its texture and bulkiness. Eggplant is very filling with virtually no fat ,it is packed with fiber when you leave the skin on, as well as vitamins such as vitamin C and K, folate, thiamine, and niacin. Eggplant also contains magnesium and potassium, unfortunately, by itself it has … Read more