How to Preserve Hot Peppers: 4 Methods

Dry, red hot chili peppers on a wooden cutting board.

Learn how to preserve hot peppers with these 4 easy methods. Using these preserving methods will help ensure that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for months to come. Here are the 4 methods we discuss: Freezing Drying Dehydrating Drying Whole Peppers Oven Drying Preserving Peppers 1. How to Freeze Peppers Hot … Read more

Common Pepper Plant Diseases and Treatments

Cayenne pepper leaves turned yellow because of a viral disease.

Fungus related diseases are the most common in Pepper plants. Plants generally display discoloration, spots, and poor growth. Pepper leaves may yellow and drop off. Many of these diseases of pepper plants can be prevented by: Planting disease-resistant varieties Rotating vegetable crops every other year Implementing proper watering and cultivation techniques. Keeping the area free of … Read more

How to Grow Hydroponic Hot Peppers

Growing hydroponic hot peppers can be a tad burdensome. There are several issue which plague hydroponic gardeners with this type of crop. The most common is flower drop. Once you’ve mastered some of the stumbling blocks associated with growing peppers hydroponically you will find that they give you a more robust and healthy plant, as … Read more

Best Companion Plants for Peppers

Orange bell pepper being harvested by the hand of a young woman.

Gardeners Guide to companion planting with Peppers. Good candidates to companion plant with peppers include Corn, Onions, garlic and Alliums, Marigolds, Carrots, Parsnips, Beans. Bad candidates to companion plant with peppers include cabbage and cabbage family plants, fennel Onions Intercropping of Alliums, in particular Onions and Garlic has been demonstrated to have substantial impact on … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Paprika Peppers

Paprika pepper growing on the vine in a vegetable garden.

In the Kitchen, we are most accustomed to, and think of Paprika as a spice. While it’s true that it is a spice, it is also a pepper or rather it is produced from peppers. What kind of pepper ? … well a paprika pepper of course. Paprika pepper is a fairly mild pepper variety … Read more

How to Grow Hottest Hot Peppers

Basket of freshly harvested ghost chili peppers.

The intensity of a hot peppers is measured on the Scoville Scale, a system of measuring the Heat and spicyness of foods. The higher a peppers number on the scoville scale the more intense the flavor and heat. Guinness book of World Records lists the Carolina Reaper Pepper as the Worlds hottest pepper. In 2011 … Read more

Dragons Breath Chili Pepper Hotter Hottest Hot Pepper

Ripe dragon's breath chilli pepper fruit growing on the plant.

The Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper once held the title of the Worlds hottest hot peppers, but apparently a British plant breeder Mike Smith in cooperation with the University of Nottingham has come up with a serious contender. In fact this ‘contender’ is so powerful it not only deals a knockout blow to its competition … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeno hot peppers growing on the vine.

Jalapeno peppers are a type of chili pepper . The word “jalapeño” is is a deviation of the Spanish word meaning “from Jalapa” a city in Mexico, where the pepper was originally cultivated. Jalapeños are an annual that can be grown as a perennial in some zones if protected from frost. Annual – That can … Read more

19 of the Best Jalapeño Varieties to Grow at Home

Jalapeno plant in a garden with many green jalapenos.

There are five species of chilli peppers most commonly grown for human consumption. Each of these species has multiple sub species or cultivars leading to the reality that there are actually hundreds of types of hot peppers. Jalapeño Peppers [Capsicum annuum longum] are a type of chili pepper. The word “jalapeño” is a deviation of … Read more