Chitting (Pre-Sprouting) Potatoes for a Head Start

Yellow russet potatoes starting to sprout.

Some folks will eat so many french fries and potato chips that they may feel like they’re chitting potatoes, but this type of chitting is not spelled with a C. Potato chitting is a task that some home growers engage in on an annual basis. It is sometimes called greensprouting, or pre-sprouting Chitting gives you … Read more

How to Save Seed Potatoes For Planting Next Year

Potatoes saved as "seed potatoes" stacked on a wooden table.

Buying and saving supermarket potatoes to plant in your garden used to work, that was before they began treating them with growth inhibitors which prevent sprouting and extend marketability of potatoes. The growth inhibitor stops the formation of ‘eyes’ or sprouts on potatoes and makes them nonviable for planting – they won’t produce new plants. … Read more

Potato Sizes

Human hands hold potato tubers of different sizes.

Jumbo: 3.5 inch diameter potato or larger Premium: 2.5 to 3.5 inch diameter. A-size: Most Standard potatoes average 2.5 inches in diameter. B-size: 1.5 to 2.5 diameter range. Commonly call ‘new’ potatoes C-size: Less than 1,5 inch diameter. The smallest potatoes available.

Kennebec Potatoes: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Pile of Kennebec potatoes after the harvest.

Kennebec potatoes are hybrids developed by the USDA in the 1940s. They are named for the Kennebec River in Maine. They are most commonly used for french fries and potato chips commercially, but are suitable for any common culinary endeavors one would normally indulge in with a spud. Its flesh is a standard white. The … Read more

Russet Burbank Potatoes: Plant Profile and Growing Tips

Two large Russet Burbank potatoes being held in a hand.

Russet Burbank is an heirloom that can be traced back to 1914. It is a large, vigorously spreading indeterminate with a fairly late maturation date.It Stores very well for extended periods and is resistant to common scab. It requires up to 90 days to mature fully and produces a hefty above average yield. It produces … Read more

Are Green Potatoes Safe to Eat?

When potatoes are exposed to light their skins turn slightly green , this is caused by a toxic glycoalkaloid called solanine. Solanine develops if potatoes aren’t fully covered by soil while growing, or if you leave them in the sun too long after the harvest, or aren’t stored in complete darkness. Because solanine is slightly … Read more

Why are my Potato Plants Producing Tomato-Like Fruits?

A single green fruit of a potato plant growing on the vine.

Tomato Like Fruit on Potato Plants At times potato plants will produce a fruit on the above ground plant. These ‘fruits’ are similar to tomatoes in appearance which is not surprising as Potato and Tomato plants are close relatives. More commonly the plant produces only a blossom which although it is white or lavender otherwise … Read more

Troubleshooting Potato Plant Problems

A human hand holding yellow, diseased potato plant leaves.

Potato gardening can be rewarding and successful. Plant potatoes in early spring after the final frost date has passed. Using disease-free seed potatoes will eliminate many potential problems. Even when you have done everything by the book, as in life , gardening still throws obstacles in your path. The following is a compendium of common … Read more