Tomatillos Not Filling Husk: 5 Causes and How to Prevent

Close up of tomatillo fruit growing on the bush.

Why does my tomatillo have an empty husk? Tomatillos are a tantalizing addition to any vegetable garden, when mother nature smiles upon us and all goes well bountiful harvests are not uncommon. Disappointment however is a distinct possibility, at times when we peel open the outer husks to our tomatillos there is no fruit inside. … Read more

Tomatillo Companion Plants: 10 Ideas for Companion Planting with Tomatillos

A picture of tomatillos in a bowl with text that reads 10 tomatillo companion plants.

Tomatillos are lovely additions to your salsa verde recipe. Tomatoes are close relatives to tomatillos, and so they both grow in similar ways. Sometimes, gardeners and farmers decide to have their tomatillos grow with other plants. There is some strategy to consider when selecting the proper companion plants for your tomatillos. Also, there is the … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Tomatillos

Close up of tomatillo fruit growing on a vine.

Perennial Grown as an annual Full Sun Soil pH 5.5 to 7.3  Germination 2 to 6 weeks Germination Temp. 65 to 70 F Maturity 70 to 80 days The tomatillo, which translates to ‘litte tomato’ is sometimes called Mexican husk tomato, north of the border it is sometimes called jam berry. It is a nightshade … Read more