3 Methods for Canning Tomatoes: A Beginners Guide

Top down view of open canning jars full of stewed tomatoes waiting to be sealed.

Tomatoes can be preserved by canning, drying, freezing, or pickling. They can also be used in creating fruit spreads like jams, jellies and marmalade’s. Raw tomatoes or raw tomato products can be kept refrigerated (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit), but will spoil over time due to bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Preserving tomatoes in oil is currently … Read more

Can You Eat Split Tomatoes? Are They Safe to Eat?

Tomato fruit cracking while on a bush during ripening.

Tomatoes splitting on the vine is a common problem. Split Tomatoes are generally caused by overwatering, cracked tomatoes are usually caused by under-watering. Yes, there is a difference between split and cracked but it is irrelevant to the current topic. How do you mend a broken heart or a broken tomato for that matter? You … Read more

The Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in North Carolina

A picture of several tomatoes with text that reads best time to plant tomatoes in North Carolina.

Tomatoes are an easy crop to grow, even if you don’t have a lot of gardening experience. You can grow these fruits without using any chemicals, and they have excellent nutritional value, according to Medical News Today. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and you can make a lot of recipes with tomatoes. … Read more

Purple Tomato Leaves: Why Are My Tomato Leaves Turning Purple?

Tomato seedling leaves turning purple indicating a phosphorus deficiency.

Tomato leaves turning purple is a cause for concern. The most common reason this occurs is a phosphorus deficiency. Tomatoes are heavy phosphorus feeders. Besides turning purple, the leaves of phosphorus deficient plants may also be bluish-green, bronze, or red along the veins and margins. The most common and logical reason for a phosphorus deficiency … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Tasty Tomatoes

Closeup of cluster of ripe red plum tomatoes.

Anybody who has ever had a vegetable garden has grown tomatoes, it’s not rocket science. You dig a hole throw the plant in, preferably roots first, water regularly and if you are lucky by mid summer you might have a few tomatoes, or you might not. Now if you wanna grow high quality tomatoes in … Read more

Stopping Tomato Blight with Copper Wire – Does it Really Work?

A coil of copper wire.

Gardeners have lots of tips to improve their harvests, many sound absurd and border on quackery, many sounds absurd and actually work. Early blight is a disease that afflicts tomatoes, potatoes, and some related crops, it strikes early in the growing season, which is why it is sometimes called “early blight”, technically it is Alternaria … Read more

Smoking is Bad for Tomatoes – Here’s Why

Tomato shaped like a heart and a dark spot on the fruit looks like damage by heart disease.

Second Hand Smoke harms Tomato Plants Smoking is bad for you, but you probably already knew that. The Center for Disease control reports that Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths per year in the USA, 41,000 of those deaths from secondhand smoke Smoking is also bad for your tomatoes and other solanaceous plants as … Read more

How to Prune Tomato Plants for Maximum Yield

Human hands use clippers to prune the shoots that grow between the stems and branches of a tomato plant.

Tomatoes are actually fruits and not vegetables, like all fruits they produce abundant sugars. For the first 4 – 6 weeks of a Tomato plants life, all of the sugar it produces is directed towards new leaf growth. During this stage, tomato plants grow extremely rapidly doubling in size about every 2 weeks. When the … Read more

Tomato Companion Plants

Companion Planting is not only the placement of mutually beneficial crops in close physical proximity but also naturally involves separating plants whose development is antagonistic to each other. A plant that attracts a certain class of insect pest, fungal or microbial pathogen should not be placed near another plant that is adversely effected by the same … Read more

How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots and Containers

Tomatoes growing in a container on a back porch terrace.

Tomatoes grown in containers can actually be easier to grow than those grown in a conventional garden. There are some very simple guidelines that should be adhered to in order to ensure success. Container Considerations Needless to say good drainage holes should be in every pot you plant in. Pot Size: Size Matters – the … Read more