65 Pumpkin Varieties

Pumpkins for Home Gardens

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Pumpkins are Cucurbits along with Squash, gourds and cucumbers. They are pretty much an overlooked Vegetable other than on Halloween. There are many different varieties of pumpkins that we have cataloged according to their size. There are also Novelty varieties such as white, blue and green pumpkins and one of my personal favorites Musquee du Maroc, a rare variety of Squash that looks like a pumpkin with green warts.

A day in the Pumpkin Field

Miniature Pumpkin varieties are from the plant species Cucurbita pepo, which also includes gourds and other circubits such as some varieties of squash and Zucchini. They weigh up to a pound. Most miniature varieties are grown for decoration and are generally not used for cooking, although some newer hybrid varieties, such as Baby Bear have proven to be very palatable.

Small pumpkin varieties weigh between two and eight pounds. Small pumpkins are grown for decoration and carving as well as baking.

Medium Pumpkin varieties weigh between 8 and 15 pounds. They are grown to use in cooking ,decoration and carving. Long Island Cheese is favored for its ornamental value but traditionally and historically it was, and still is considered by many to be the best cultivar for pumpkin pies.

Large pumpkin varieties weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. They are grown to use in cooking ,decoration and carving.

Extra large pumpkin varieties weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. They are sometimes as large as jumbo / giant varieties and are grown for use as decoration and carving.

Giant pumpkin varieties weigh a minimum of 30 pounds and can grow to 100 lbs. or more. These are the types of Pumpkins that Peter the pumpkin eater would keep his wife in - if you're familiar with the old nursery rhyme. The current world record is 1,689 pounds for an Atlantic Giant pumpkin - wow that's a lot of Pumpkin ! These pumpkins are generally grown for their size, and are rarely used for baking or cooking. They take 120 or more days to harvest and grow on large vines. Growing Giant Pumpkins is an art in itself and there is actually a competitive Giant Pumpkin Growing Cult.

Miniature, Small, Medium, Large Pumpkins

Miniature, Small, Medium, Large Pumpkins

Extra Large and Giant Pumpkins

Extra Large and Giant Pumpkins