Arctic Raspberries

Rubus arcticus - Arctic Berries

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Arctic Raspberries

The Arctic Raspberry alias Nagoon berry or simply arctic berry is a Perennial Rasberry / bramble that grows in some pretty cold regions. It's range is not as far north as Cloud Berries, but it has other advantages. It is tediously slow growing but when mature it produces a dark red berry that is considered a delicacy in some areas. It grows well in Canada and the Northern USA and is quite popular in the Pacific Northwest, It also grows in Scandinavia and Northern Eurasia, the Russians call it the Princes Berry.

Acidic well drained soils rich in humus and organic matter are preferable. Full sunlight is required, even partial shade is intolerable.

Arctic Raspberry plants are somewhat stubby reaching slightly over 1 to 3 feet maximum. It has a thin woody thornless, but hairy stem. It produces flowers in Mid summer that range from pale pink to varying shades of red. The flowers in turn produce the berries which when ripe are a deep red to reddish purple and about 3/4 inch in diameter. For a Northern berry it actually has a somewhat tropical aroma and taste. It does taste like a Raspberry, but with a hint of pineapple.

The leaves are high in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin b and c, and iron. They are commonly brewed into a delightful cold or hot tea. See Tea Gardens

They are self pollinating, but at least two plants preferably more are advisable for genetic diversity.

Arctic Raspberries do not store well as the berry will not readily detach from the stalk and is commonly bruised or mutilated in harvesting. In its indigenous areas it is commonly used for preserves and wine.

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