Planting Spring Bulbs in The Autumn

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Fall is the best time to plant Spring-Blooming bulbs

Fall is the ideal time to plant hardy, spring blooming bulbs. Proper preparation of the planting site is necessary.

Good soil drainage is vital, if your soil contains a high clay content, amending it with some organic material such as compost, peat moss into the top layers will help. Loction in relation to the sun is also important. Check the package label to see if your bulbs need partial shade or full sun, and locate them accordingly. Bulbs planted with a south exposure tend to bloom earlier than the same bulb planted on a north slope.

Planting bulbs in September or October will allow time for the bulb to become established before the winter freeze arrives. Gardeners in northeren latitues may find late August or September to be better but most of the continent can still plant bulbs now.

Water your bulbs once planted to help settle the soil and provides moisture so the bulb can commence root growth. Most bulbs require phosphorus to develop a good root system. Research has proven that bone meal phosphorus from is only available to plants in soil that has a pH below 7. Bone meal or superphosphate or either alone should be adequate for phosphorous, a general purpose balanced souluble fertilizer [10-10-10] should also be used in small amounts.

For bulbs that will flower in summer and fall fertilize monthly once the shoots emerge untill the plants are in full bloom.