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Bubble Berries

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Bubble Berries are nothing new, they are actually an old heirloom from Great Britain. In the 1800s, when most people had never even tasted Bubble Gum, they were very popular. Come the 20th Century they kinda faded away. Recent years have seen a resurgence of the Bubbleberry or Bubble Gum Strawberry, part of a class of strawberries known as musk strawberry. Other Musk Strawberries include Pine Berries and Strasberry.

They have a stronger flavor than other strawberries they are not over powering in their bubblegum flavor, certainly not like getting hit by bazooka Joe but they bear a hint of the flavor and aroma as well as a smidgen of raspberry tang. In appearance they are a soft pink, at times almost whitish pink with red streaks. They are best devoured when they are a light hot pink.

Bubble Gum Strawberries

They are not easy to locate in North America, not even online, the link atop this page takes you to an Amazon search for strawberry plants, buble berries sometimes make an appearance there.. In 2014 Epicurious ran an article on them and listed 5 online sellers, of the 5 listed only 2 still carry the bubbleberry, but in limited supply.

1. Strawberry Seed Store

2. Raintree Nursery

United Nurseries in Australia has them, but shipping to the USA or Canada is limited. From time to time they make an appearance at the least unexpected places such as 'EGADS' Home Depot, which actually carries the bubble berry in limited quantities at some locations [sometimes]. Let us know how you make out :>