Roseberry Strawberry

New Strawberry Variety


'Roseberry' strawberry is a new breed of Strawberry, developed by the Horticulture Research and Development Center in Quebec, Canada. It is not a GMO. It is a day-neutral cultivar meaning that it will produce strawberries continuously all summer long, unlike June bearers which produce one hefty crop in early summer or ever bearers which produce several. Day neutrals, like the EverReady bunny just keep going and going.

Most strawberries produce small white blossoms, Roseberry produces a more attractive and aromatic pink flower earlier than most other varieties, giving it added value as an ornamental as well as edible plant.

According to the online journal HortScience, Roseberry strawberries will survive harsh winters so long as they are covered with a protective layer of mulch.

Roseberry Strawberry Blossoms and Fruit

In their first year, they produce pink blooms in late June or early July, after the first season they will bloom as early as May. The flowers continue to appear all summer long as do the strawberries.

Roseberry Strawberries are a tad darker than conventional strawberries. They work well either as a ground cover or in hanging baskets.