What’s the difference between Summer and Winter Squash

All squash varieties fall into 2 categories, they are either summer or winter squash. The seasonal designations of summer and winter have little to do with when they are planted or grown

Squashes, both categories, are warm-weather plants that are planted in the spring and mature through the summer months, they do not tolerate the cold.

Summer Squash Vs Winter Squash

Summer squash produces fruits more rapidly, they are harvestable during the warm summer months. They also tend to be more productive than winter squash. When harvested young, while the skin is somewhat tender, summer squash is more flavorful. Summer squash also grows in more of a bush like fashion, as opposed to a vining one. Summer Squash does not store very well and should be used shortly after harvesting.

chart attributes summer and winter squash

Winter Squash is not harvested till seasons end, generally late summer or early fall. Although they tend to be much larger than summer squash varieties, it is the general consensus that they are not as flavorful unless incorporated in culinary endeavors with herbs, spices and so forth. They produce only 1 to 4 fruits per plant. Maturity takes 90 to 120 days. Winter squash can be stored for up to 6 months if done properly.