Suntastic Yellow Sunflower with Black Center
2014 AAS Bedding Plant Winner

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Suntastic Sunflower with Black Center

Suntastic is a new dwarf sunflower reaching a height of 16 - 20 inches. As the name betrays its' blooms are bright yellow with a black center. It was chosen in 2014 as all america selections regional winner for the great lakes area as a bedding plant. It is very 'floriferous', meaning it produces an abundance of flowers. It blooms in 3 waves over the season, each wave produces 5-8 flowers per plant. So you're talking about 15 -20 flowers per plant give or take a few either way. Dead Heading is not advisable. It also has a longer flowering period than comparable plants producing blooms till summers end. The flowers are 5 to 6 inches in diameter and seed is sterile as the plant does not produce pollen.

It will bloom in 50-65 days days by starting seed indoors, much earlier than comparable varieties. Direct sowing is also an option. Suitable for flower pots, window boxes and flower beds.


Breeder: Clause S.A.

Full sun

Water: Normal

Height: 16 to 20 inches

Bloom Time: Summer

Bloom Color: Yellow, black center

Garden Spacing: 8-10 inches form a clustered effect greater spacing for varying effects

Optimal Soil Temperature 68F-71F but as low as 59F has been recorded for sowing seed

Germination: 7 to 14 days (59F-68F)

Bloom Time : 50-65 days

Although they are drought tolerant, that doesn't meant drought is a good thing. Regular watering is necessary for optimal performance.

Fertilizer is not necessary, although a little couldn't hurt. Take it easy on the nitrogen in the plants early phases as excess nitrogen could delay flowering. A little organic mulch is a good idea also.

If you are Harvesting Seeds check the blossom heads for maturity. The back side becomes a yellowish brown instead of its youthful green. The smaller petals that were covering the seeds will have dried and begin falling out. Some of the blossom heads may be leaning downwards. When the blossom head in fully mature 'snap' it off and remove and separate the seeds by hand. This can be a tedious task - you can also rub harvested heads together which helps to dislodge seeds.