Banana Legs Tomato

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A moderately prolific novelty tomato, with 4" long yellow fruits that ripen to a golden yellow with distinctive pale green stripes. They are similar to plum tomatoes, not really banana shaped as the name suggests.

Some people report they are productive till late in the season. The fruits have a slight point at their ends and are popular in salads. Soils above 90 F will inhibit germination.

Full Sun.

Maturity at 70-75 days from transplant.

Germination from seed 10 -20 days.

Average Plant Height - 3 - 4 ft.


Hardiness zones 3 - 14

Not highly susceptible to plant diseases, nor is it resistant. Common blights that effect tomato plants will also effect Banana Leg tomatoes.

Space - 24-36 ".

Determinate - will bear most fruit at the same time.

Fertilizer - Moderate Nitrogen till fruit set. Moderate phosphorus. High potassium.