Celebrity Tomato

Celebrity Tomato
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The Celebrity tomato is a popular tomato among home gardeners, both seasoned and novices. The vines bear clusters of fairly large and flavorful 6 - 8 Oz. tomatoes. A good dependable variety as a basic tomato.

They are resistant to most common tomato plant diseases and somewhat resistant to many common pests and nematodes - although that claim is contestable, it is more resistant than most other cultivars.

They are determinate in that the plants stop growing at around 3 - 4 feet and tomato production curtails at that point also.

Basically they produce the bulk of their tomatoes in one blast. However they will produce stragglers right up to the first frost if properly cared for, so technically they are semi-determinate.

Start seeds indoors 5 to 6 weeks before planting outdoors.

Germination 6 - 10 Days

Full Sun

60 - 65 days to Maturity


Fruit Weight 6 to 8 oz

Plant Height - 3 to 4 Ft

Spacing 24 - 32 Inches

Soil ph: 6.0 -6.8

Yield - Average

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